New quality-indicator «appendectomy - children (<16)» - Rate of post-surgery infections

23.08.2016 - The National Association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics (ANQ) has published the hospital-infection-rates with childrens appendectomy (up to 16 years) for the first time in 2016. Our bestlist «appendectomy - children» shows the differences.

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knee replacement (first endoprosthesis), patient number 

1. Merian Iselin Spital
quality-comparison  5
2. Schulthess Klinik
quality-comparison  5
3. Hirslanden Bern AG (Gruppe)
quality-comparison  5
4. Lindenhof AG (Gruppe)
quality-comparison  5
5. Clinica Ars Medica SA - Genolier
quality-comparison  4.9

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